• Faran Humidifier Complete Kit Digital HR-15

Humidifier Complete Kit Digital HR-15 

The HR-15 Humidifier Complete Kit Digital is superb humidifier designed for smaller grow spaces such as tents or grow rooms. The HR-15 humidifier can service an area of between 15 and 30m² and has a humidification capacity of 1,500cc per hour and it only uses 90W of power! This makes it much more cost effective than using extra lighting or nutrients and additives to enhance the growth of your plants.
 Included in this kit is the HR-DHTC humidistat, which is also sold seperately. 

This humidistat is one if now the best humidity controller on the market, not only does it measure and provide data on your relative humidity level it also dynamically controls your humidifier and a heating/cooling device. This ensures that your humidity stays at the desired level for your stage of growth, if your humidity gets too high then the humidistat can turn off your humidifier and turn your heating on. If it gets too low then your humidifier will turn on and your heater will turn off, it works around the enviroment of your grow room.

Finally you receive a 100 Litre Flexi Tank Reservoir and a connection kit to attach it to your humidifier. The connection kit is long enough to allow you to keep the reservoir outside the grow tent if extra space is needed.
If you’re looking for a way to increase your yields time after time then the HR-15 kit is perfect for you. Experience the benefits of humidity control today!



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Faran Humidifier Complete Kit Digital HR-15

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