• FLIRmask 1M

Flirmask is a groundbreaking material designed to offer unmatched thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding, for use in the military and horticultural fields.

Unlike other reflective sheets on the market, FLIRmask has a 98% pure aluminium laminate surface which dramatically increases its reflective capabilities as it’s able to reflect light across the full visible and invisible spectrum. Most commercially available reflective foils are actually inefficient PET films, not true aluminium laminates, and so offer much more limited reflectance and therefore performance.

FLIRmask’s aluminium layer has a custom designed surface texture that allows the sheeting to diffuse light energy either away from the protected area or object, or back towards the crop area when used for agricultural purposes. The texturised surface mitigates the potential for hotspots and flashpoints common in budget PET films, which limit the efficiency of the reflective sheeting and can cause warping of the material at high heats or over long periods of time.

Available in indivdual Meters or 30 Meter Rolls. 

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FLIRmask 1M

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