Perlite from Blooms Hydroponics Birmingham media creates strong and healthy root growth for plants and aids in increasing absorption & water retention, whilst improving aeration and drainage.

Perlite is something that many traditional soil gardeners already recognize.  It’s a soil-free growing medium that has helped to add aeration to soil mixes for years. It’s created by air-puffing volcanic glass to create an extremely light and porous material. It has one of the best oxygen retention levels of all growing media because of how porous it is.

Its weight can be a downside in certain hydroponic systems where water interacts directly with the growing media, causing it to shift around and wash away.  Because of this, perlite is rarely ever used alone – typically it is mixed with coco coir, soil, or vermiculite.


  • Lightweight
  • High oxygen retention level


  • Too lightweight for certain hydroponic systems


Growing Tips

Straight perlite growing is one of the tried and true methods of hydroponic production. With virtually no cation exchange this media is a great option for longer-term crops; especially in drain-to-waste scenarios. You have to watch out for moisture deficiencies, as it holds absolutely no water!

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Plant !T Perlite - 10L

Plant !T Perlite - 10L

PLANT!T  Perlite is used for better aeration and drainage.  Perlite is ..


PLANT !T Perlite 100L

PLANT !T Perlite 100L

Perlite Perlite media stimulates strong, healthy root growth, helps increase absorption & wa..


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