Grow Lights

Grow Lights

Blooms Hydroponics Birmingham and Blooms Hydroponics Walsall sell the very best hydroponic grow light range, both online and in store, to help your indoor growing projects flourish.  The grow lights create the perfect growing environment, and are probably the most important part of successful indoor growing.  Our grow lights and grow light accessories, at fantastic prices, help to produce the best yield in a grow room or a grow tent.

No indoor grow room is complete without a suitable grow light and we can use our experience to help you select the right size grow lamp for your requirements.

Leading Hydroponic Lighting brands such as Phillips, Gavita, Sunmaster, Powerplant, Osram, and Sylvania.

Hydroponic Contactors from GreenPower, Davin & Eurotech

Blue Spectrum is a Metal Halide Veg Bulb used for vegetation. Red Spectrum is for the flowering stage & Dual Spectrum is used for both stages 

Watt range from 125 watts 250 watts 400 watts 600 watts & 1000 watts - including CFL energy saving bulbs (125/250)

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