Bloom 125W 2100°K

A real breakthrough in horticultural lighting, energy-efficient PRO STAR compact fluorescent 

bulbs offer amazing performance.
Unlike their mercury or high-pressure sodium competitors, PRO STAR compact fluorescent 
bulbs cover a spectrum equivalent to 100% of that of photosynthesis, i.e. the optimum 
radiation amount allowed by the plant. 
Providing the best PAR/watt ratio on the market, PRO STAR bulbs boost your plantings 
through the heat generated, without spoiling them. The CFL can be placed near the plant, 
without it burning. Thus, your plants benefit from optimum light efficiency. 
PRO STAR bulbs are economical and fitted with an integrated ballast, to be connected directly 
into the area – 125w for this model. Using this technology, tests show an energy saving of 
The CFL PRO STAR 125w (5U) bulb emits a warm light adapted to plant growth and fruiting: 
“Red 2100°K”.
The CFL PRO STAR 125w (5U) bulb gives off real power, not an indicative voltage. Thus, a 
125w bulb in 5U is not limited to 105w.

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CFL PRO STAR Bloom 125W 2100°K

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