• PowerPlant Metal Halide Grow Lamp 600W

The Powerplant range of Metal Halide lamps are the ideal lamp for the Vegative phase of plant growth.

Powerplant Metal Halide lamps have increased in popularity due to their enhanced levels of blue spectrum over most other Metal Halide lamps available on the market. The light they give out has a significant amount of light from the bluer end of the spectrum, which the plant uses to grow vegetatively. It produces plants with a small internodal length, with large leaves and thick stems. It produces the most natural looking plants. It simulates the light from the beginning of the year and is good for plants before they're switched into flowering mode.


Grow Room Advice

600Watt Light Coverage = 1.2m² of floor space.

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PowerPlant Metal Halide Grow Lamp 600W

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