Brummie Bubbler Single Kit 

Brummie Bubbler starts with a 90 litre tank to accommodate the nutrient solution as well as the several air stones needed for putting oxygen into the water, and on top of this sits a 15 litre sub-surface tray filled with pebbles or growstones, with a drip ring that provides a constant flow of nutrient direct to the top of the root zone. Once the roots are established the bubbler aspect comes more into play and the oxygen rich environment inevitably leads to a massive increase in nutrient uptake showing an increase in growth and plant development.

The Brummie Bubbler Kit Includes:

  • 90L Res
  • 90L Res Pot
  • Haliea Super Silent 2-way 
  • Haliea Water Pump
  • FG500 Drip Ring Single
  • FG500 Delivery Tube
  • 2 Golf Ball Air Stone
  • Air Pipe


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Brummie Bubbler Single Kit

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