• Dimlux Expert Series 1.000 watt Full Spectrum

Dimlux Expert Series 1000 watt Full Spectrum

The entire Dimlux Expert Series of fixtures is adapted for 230V connections. The inrush current is very low due to the soft-start function. The system has a dim button with 7 steps and a soft-off function, diagnosis LEDs and 15 to 20% overdrive. If the Dimlux Expert Series fixture is connect to the Maxi Controller, the ballast will be regulated variably without any inrush current. 

Kit Contains - Complete Fixture with 1000W Xtreme ballast, 1000w  400v EL philips lamp and alpha optics 98 reflector

Dim Levels: Soft-off, 600w, 700w, 800w, 900w, 1.000w, 1.100w, 1.200w. 

Power Consumption at: 1.000w = 1.050w, 4.5A at 230V

Power Consumption at boost: 1.200W = 1.260w, 5.2A at 230V 

System PFF at 1.200w = 2,470umol/s

Illumination Surface:

- at 1.000w = min 1.4m2 (15.06ft2), max 3.3m2 (35.52ft2)

- at 1.200w = min 1.65m2 (17.76ft2), max 4m2 (43.05ft2)

- 50mm (2") connection for active attraction

Dimensions: 675x275x130mm (26.5" x 10.8" x 5.1")

Weight: 6.3kg (13.88lb)

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Dimlux Expert Series 1.000 watt Full Spectrum

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