Bud Box Titan 2

Bud Box Titan 2

The BudBox Titan 2 Tent 

These tents are made by internationally known experianced hydroponic growers. Perfect for all stages of the grow propergation, vegitation and flowering. 

  • Strong Durable and 100% Lightproof.
  • Fully unzippable from front.
  • Intake and extraction holes.
  • Port holes to run cables out the base of the tent. 
  • Utility tray compatible.
  • Anti corosion white powder coated steel poles.
  • High tensile plastic corners.

Purchasable Extras

  • Air Socks
  • Scrogg net / Support net / Stretch net
  • Utility Shelves
  • Aqua Tanks
  • Thermal Jackets


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