• Organic Rescue Mist – Original Formula 1 LTR

Organic Rescue Mist – Original Formula

WSDA certified Organic Rescue Mist – Original Formula benefits…

  • Immediately increases your plants ability to absorb water and nutrients
  • Directly influences enzymatic processes that stimulate a plant’s natural immune system
  • Instantly provides essential micro-nutrients directly through leaves to reduce stress and ease shock
  • Increases a plants’ oxygen uptake capacity with an associated increase in chlorophyll production
  • Increases the nutrient permeability of plant membranes
  • Helps balance out issues from light and heat stress or over-fertilization
  • Improves moisture storage, preventing drought damage
  • Increase in stomata opening and transpiration that improves plant respiration


This product is safe to use throughout the life cycle of any plant, grown in any medium, with any nutrient regiment.

Product Information:

Indoor Horticulture: Mist tops and undersides of leaves, stalks, and stems 2-3 times a week throughout life cycle of plant. Safe to use from propagation through flowering.

Garden Use: Use 2-3 times a week. Mist tops and undersides of leaves, stalks, and stems in early morning or late evening when temperatures are coolest and plant stomata are open.

Warnings: Use as directed. Avoid use in direct sunlight or direct high-intensity lighting. Do not use on seedlings.

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Organic Rescue Mist – Original Formula 1 LTR

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